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CORONEO is the recognized world leader in the development of novel cardiac implants for aortic valve repair.

With over 2,500 implants, the company’s EXTRA-AORTIC Ring is the first aortic annuloplasty device on the market to be specifically-designed and dedicated for the surgical repair of the aortic valve. This proven repair technique preserves the patient’s own native valve, thus avoiding replacement with an artificial, prosthetic heart valve.

CORONEO is driven by a passion to help cardiac patients. The company was founded with the vision to bring creative engineers together with internationally-renowned clinicians to develop clinically-superior medical devices that render surgery less-invasive for the patient, and cost-effective for the healthcare provider.

In the 20 years since its inception, the CORONEO brand has become synonymous with premium, high-end surgical instruments.  The finest titanium alloys are used extensively to manufacture the most versatile instruments on the market that may be finely adjusted during use to the patient’s specific anatomy and to the surgeon’s preference in surgical set-up.

CORONEO is certified ISO 13485:2016.  The company’s products have been granted regulatory approval (including CE Mark, FDA, and Health Canada), and are distributed throughout North America, Europe, and Asia via a network of dedicated distributors.


Proven Aortic Valve REPAIR with External Annuloplasty

EXTRA-AORTIC Ring is a disruptive REPAIR technology that provides a less-invasive alternative to valve REPLACEMENT with a prosthetic heart valve.

Features of the EXTRA-AORTIC Ring:

  • positive long-term clinical results for valve repair using EXTRA-AORTIC were reported in the prospective, multicentric CAVIAAR clinical trial relative to valve replacement using a mechanical valve;
  • validated, standardized surgical technique proven in over 2,500 aortic valve repair surgeries;
  • patented elastic design allows controlled device expansion between diastole and systole, thus mimicking the native physiology of the aortic root;
  • subvalvular implantation of the device external to the aortic root avoids cusp interference and direct contact of the device with the systemic circulation.

Adaptable Instruments to Suit Patient-Specific Anatomy

COR-VALV System provides the ultimate valve exposure during cardiac surgery with a unique line of fully-adjustable tissue retractors.

Features of the COR-VALV System:

  • patented tissue retractors with three, variably-movable blades that are adjustable to suit the patient’s specific anatomy;
  • versatile positioning arm offers unlimited possibilities in instrument set-up during sternotomy or intercostal surgical approaches;
  • Titanium components provide superior durability and stability during clamping of surgical instruments.

Reliable, Cost-Effective OPCAB Surgery

COR-VASC System is a REUSABLE titanium stabilization platform that bundles all the components required to reliably perform beating heart bypass graft (OPCAB) surgery.

Features of the COR-VASC System:

  • Fully reusable components generate veritable cost savings for healthcare providers;
  • Patented stabilizer design with “pedestals” for anchoring of vessel loops to temporarily occlude coronary artery during OPCAB;
  • Proven design, launched in 1997 and substantiated by published clinical data, having demonstrated complete coronary artery revascularization of all artery types.

Durable, Lightweight Swivel-Blade Retractors

Exploiting the material properties of Titanium, PEDIATRIC Retractors are lightweight without compromise to durability.

Features of the PEDIATRIC Retractors:

  • Swivel blade design allows easy displacement of the rack bar during use for enhanced surgical access to the thoracic cavity;
  • Titanium fabrication provides superior wear resistance and enhanced corrosion resistance to caustic cleaning agents, relative to competing aluminum retractors;
  • Available in Neonate and Infant retractor sizes.

SWIFT-LOOP Vessel Loop
Effective Control of Coronary Blood Flow

SWIFT-LOOP Vessel Loops achieve atraumatic blood vessel occlusion through the clever design of their integral Occluding Pledget.

Features of the SWIFT-LOOP Vessel Loops:

  • Quick, effective occlusion of blood vessels is achieved by securing the elastic loop within the movable jaws of the patented, self-sustaining Pledget;
  • Ideally-suited for coronary artery occlusion during OPCAB surgery;
  • Available in a variety of configurations for open heart, minimally-invasive, or robotic surgical approaches.


9250 Park Ave, Suite #514
Montreal, Quebec H2N 1Z2

(514) 336-9230


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